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Brian Tee is one actor in the American film industry whose profile has been on a steady rise since he debuted in the industry in the year 2000. His most successful work so far can still be attributed to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006); a crime and action film where he played the role of Takashi “D.K.” But aside this, there are a lot of other films and movies he has notably featured in which you will find out more about here. For a start, did you know that the name Brian Tee is not even his birth name?

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Chance Sutton is an internet personality with a large following on YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The young man spends time on his YouTube channel entertaining his fans with his creative videos and other funny contents. Sutton is best known as the best friend of popular YouTuber,Ireland Boys. The two share a channel together and have been banding together for many years.

Like most of his contemporaries, Chance earned his popularity during his days on Vine. Though the social media platform has since been shut down, Sutton’s online relevance has never dwindled neither has his star gone dim. Get to know more about his bio, age, height, girlfriend, and other facts here.

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Caroline Vreeland is a multitalented individual who has gained fame as a singer and songwriter, actress, social media personality, and model among other things. She started on her path to becoming famous when she was cast as the wind, a role that saw her backstage and blowing into the mic. While the role may seem little, it started something great for her as a child. Decades later, she has come to be involved in many things and recording success in them all.

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Andrew East is not the type of NFL player who is popular among football viewing public. Though he turned pro in the year 2015, he is not really known to many people in the football community because of the special position he plays on the football field. Every team in the league has a specialized long snapper who represents them and East stands out as one of NFL’s long snappers.

In his little time in the league, the athlete has been able to leave a mark. He has represented several teams in the NFL, starting from 2015 when he signed with the Kansas City Chiefs after he went undrafted in that year. Over the course of his career, he has joined forces with notable teams such as the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders (twice), Los Angeles Ram, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

His contract with the Seahawks began on January 4, 2016, and ended on March 24, 2016. The following month, precisely on April 5, 2016, he was signed by the Oakland Raiders. Sadly, the contract only survived for four months. His next stop was at the Los Angeles Ram football team. Like previous contracts, his deal with the Rams lasted from March 13, 2017, to May 3, 2017, leading to his return to the Raiders for the second time. Andrew East was eventually waived by the Raiders on April 9, 2018, after which he was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars on June 14, 2018. Unfortunately, the NFL-hopeful was waived by the Jaguars on July 31, 2018.

Andrew East’s Bio (Age)

The NFL long snapper arrived into the world on the 17th day of September 1991, through Martha East (mother) and Guy East (father). He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States to a father who was also a long snapper at Purdue. Andrew had a memorable childhood, he was particularly interested in football in his early stage. As regards to his education, the athlete completed his high school studies at North Central (Indianapolis, Indiana), after which he moved to Owen Graduate School of Management for further studies. He had his college education at Vanderbilt University, where he played and represented the school’s football team in collegiate tournaments.

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Lovers of the popular Kamen Rider series would definitely love to hear the name Sota Fukushi. He is a Japanese actor who starred as heroic Gentaro Kisaragi in the show. Sota is also known for his significant roles in a lot of film and television works. The talented actor started from the 2010s to create an impact in television and film and has continued to work hard to maintain and improve his pace in the industry. We have gathered interesting facts about how far the actor has come as well as other lesser-known details about him below.

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There is no end to creativity as many have distinguished themselves in different professions. Keone Madrid sure knows how to put talent to good use, along with his spouse Mariel Madrid. The duo has proved to the world that dancing is much more than body movements. They are known to add a sprinkle of fresh steps into every performance and they have mastered an urban dance styling that can best be described as spectacular. You will understand what we are talking about is you are an avid follower of Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance.

Moreso, Keone Madrid has choreographed for celebrities like Kim Hyun-Joong and Jasmine Villegas. The famed choreographer has worked with crews such as Culture Shock San Diego, Future Shock San Diego, as well as Formality. He also choreographed and directed for the crew known as Choreo Cookies. Read on to satisfy your curiosity about the popular choreographer.

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Kim Bum has a high drool factor that is not only recognized in his home country of South Korea but in a global sense as well. The South Korean has been on the scene since the mid-2000s and has brought with him some unforgettable experiences throughout his career. Besides his career as an actor, Kim is also a budding musician; something he has always wanted to do.

The actor is known for his movie and television roles in projects like Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, East of Eden and Boys Over Flowers among others. Kim Bum is a certified Korean great and a versatile actor; his portfolio includes everything from romantic flicks to action thrillers. Here is everything we know about the actor cum musician.

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